Christians head to Argentina for evangelistic outreach

By June 26, 2006

Argentina (MNN) — More than 120 people from several different countries will be traveling to Argentina for hands on training. It’s the 2006 Overseas Transformation Mission with Harvest Evangelism and Ed Silvoso.

It’s a life-chaning, hand-on, how-to train trip that immerse each person into real-life scenarios equipping them to become an agent of transformation back in their home town. During their visit they’ll be learning biblical principles behind prayer evangelism, ministry in the marketplace, city reaching and nation transformation from people that have a lot of experience. Once they learn it, they’re putting in to practice in the streets, businesses, homes and churches of Argentina.

Believers around the world are being asked to pray that God will apply what they’ve learned to their own sphere of influence and that many people will ultimately turn to Christ.

The Overseas Transformation Mission begins June 30 and continues through July 10.

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