Christians help build trust and allieviate suffering in quake zone.

By June 13, 2006

Pakistan (MNN) — World Vision is finishing a groundbreaking aid distribution to an isolated tribal area of Kala Dhaka, Pakistan.

Villages in the North West Frontier Province were off-limits to outsiders for centuries and virtually not on the map. With no significant contact from the outside for more than a century, tribal leaders emerged earlier this year to issue a desperate plea for outside intervention to help in deteriorating conditions since the October earthquake.

World Vision responded through the Pakistani organization Bright Education Society (BES) to provide around $2 million in aid to help 100,000 people who were impacted by the earthquake.

They distributed non-food items such as cooking supplies, blankets, jackets, tarpaulins, corrugated iron sheets, rehabilitation kits, and mattresses.

World Vision and BES have been working to develop trust and bring aid to the thousands of suffering families in Kala Dhaka who hadn’t received help since the devastating earthquake struck. The success in this “forbidden” zone comes after many other attempts to penetrate the remote region, due to tribal tensions and security issues.

Pray that God would continue opening doors in Pakistan and that His people would be sensitive as they minister to people’s needs.

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