Christians help re-establish education programs

By July 8, 2009

Uganda (MNN) — An invisible tragedy is taking place in Uganda. Two to three generations of children have been denied the opportunity to receive an education because of the civil war. Many of them were on the run from the Lord's Resistance Army. In addition, the
isolation they experienced in the internally displaced persons camp has resulted in low vocabularies and extremely limited social experiences. 

In response to this crisis,

Every Child Ministries
is putting out an urgent call for teachers who can serve in Uganda. "The mission proposes to have these teachers work at informal education, to prepare children
for school who have been denied that opportunity because of the war, and to help other children catch up. Others will tutor children experiencing trouble in school and will help develop a pre-school program and a baby orphan home," said ECM's Monica Miles. Counselors are also needed.  

Uganda's Department of Education is helping, but the task is huge.  That's why ECM and other Christian organizations are getting involved, Miles said. "This time of rebuilding is a critical time in which northern Uganda is giving Christians
unprecedented opportunities to share Christ."

ECM is looking for about 20 workers at this time. They will be giving children an opportunity to accept Christ and then begin the process of healing from the trauma they have

Pray that God will provide the workers needed to help the desperate generation in Uganda. Pray that the resilience of the children will be beyond what believers could imagine. Pray alsofor many children to come to Christ.    

You can get more information about this opportunity by contacting ECM here.

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