Christians hope to end worms in India

By September 9, 2009

India (MNN/IP) — "Does his tummy hurt when he eats?" The momma nodded as the translator asked the question in Telugu. The concerned parent gently rubbed her hand on her son's distended belly and then reached up to smooth his brittle hair that had turned from jet black to reddish brown–a sure sign of malnutrition.

This child, along with hundreds of others who were in the medical camp that day, was being eaten alive. His village had rice and curry, but he did not get the benefit of it. Hundreds of worms had infested his belly, and every time he ate, the parasites robbed him of the nutrition he desperately needed.

Every day around the world, parasites condemn millions of impoverished children to a life of sickness. They suffer from constant hunger, stunted growth, weight loss, anemia, diarrhea, and other symptoms that make them susceptible to diseases that can lead to death.

India Partners has waged a "war on worms" to help obliterate this problem. An inexpensive, harmless tablet taken each month has proven to keep children worm-free. That's 36 cents for the entire year.

In a matter of days, India Partners is sending another team to visit their partners in west and east India. They are armed with 20,000 de-worming pills. Children and adults will receive treatment for only $.03 a pill. That's right, $.03. Imagine having a life-threatening condition cured for 3 pennies!

In addition to de-worming medication, the team will bring other life-giving medicines. They were purchased by India Partners at a steep discount from a licensed pharmaceutical partner in the states.

You can help sponsor efforts to build up Mission India partners' pharmacies. For a donation of any amount, you can improve the health and well-being of children and adults suffering from unnecessary diseases.

As they provide assistance in Jesus' name, it provides great opportunities for team members to share their faith. Click here to help.

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