Christians hungry for God’s Word

By June 24, 2009

Nepal (MNN) — The nation of Nepal faces instability and the
threat of violence as it transitions to a more democratic form of
government.  Political conditions,
however, are not deterring the Nepali people's hunger for the Gospel. 

Hundreds recently gathered for events led by Christian leaders supported by Gospel for
. Several congregations and a youth group organized the first-ever rally
for a GFA radio station in the region.

"For a long time, GFA Radio listeners were asking for a
chance to meet the radio speakers face to face," GFA's correspondent

They had an opportunity
to do so, as well as to hear a speaker — GFA's Nepal leader, Narayan. The event was broadcast over a radio

Since then, a church led by a GFA-supported pastor has raised
money for the release of three new CDs of Nepali worship music. The CDs were released during a church service,
and it is hoped that the music will draw people closer to God. 

In another region of the country, 200 young people attended
a three-day youth conference. 

"The speakers focused on present-day issues and taught
directly from God's Word," GFA's correspondent wrote. "It was clear
that the participants were hungry for the Word of God."

Nepal is no longer the world's only Hindu kingdom, since a
new government declared itself a secular state in 2006. Christians now have much more freedom and are
optimistic about the future, but they are cautious in the face of recent violence

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