Christians in Egypt are becoming more concerned

By December 4, 2012

Egypt (MNN) — Violence toward Egyptian Christians is about to get worse.

Following the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak, persecution escalated. Persecution has intensified even more in recent days.

An Egyptian ministry leader supported by Christian Aid Mission said, "Our situation here is getting worse day by day." Ministries are growing more concerned as they watch radical Islam gain control in Egypt. Christians in Egypt believe that dark days of persecution are approaching.

On Tuesday, tens of thousands of secular and Christian believers protested in Tahrir Square.

Most recently, judges from the country's highest appeals court and its sister lower court are on an indefinite strike.

The standoff began when President Morsi issued decrees that gave him near-absolute powers and gave himself and the Islamist-heavy assembly immunity from the courts. This open-ended strike took place on the day it was supposed to rule on the legitimacy of two key assemblies controlled by allies of the Islamist leader.

The judges will remain on strike until Morsi rescinds his decrees. Without a functioning justice system, Egypt will be plunged even deeper into turmoil.

Though unlikely, the ministry leader writes, "We pray that this common protest will restore the bridges between Christians and Muslims as it was in the days of the revolution."

Tens of thousands of Christians have fled the country. There is an increasing danger to being attacked or killed, or their homes and businesses ransacked or torched.

The ministry leader remains and continues to share the Gospel. "God has given us the grace to form friendships with Muslims and show them the love of Christ in practical ways. We ask for your prayers and financial support during this terrible time, which will only grow worse. Our most pressing need is to support our coworkers as they labor in the shadow of this darkness."

If you would like to help this persecuted Egyptian ministry, click here. Continue to keep Christian leaders working in Egypt in your prayers.

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