Christians in Egypt defend their faith

By October 26, 2015
(Photo cred: Ruth Kramer)

(Photo credit Ruth Kramer)

Egypt (MNN) — Can you imagine what it’d be like to stand in a crowd and single handedly defend your beliefs? Well, these Egyptians can.

Since the Arab Uprisings beginning in 2011, Egypt’s younger generations have been asking the hard questions about God and the meaning of life. Thankfully, a handful of Christians have heard and are trying to answer.

Youssef Yacoub is a member of an association of apologists working to defend their faith. An apologist is someone who defends a belief or idea by providing proof in a speech or writing. One approach the apologists communicate their message is by making videos for the public and speaking at events about God and the Gospel.

Doing this, however, puts all involved at risk. Egypt is ranked #23 on the Open Doors USA World Watch List. The World Watch List is a ranking of 50 countries where persecution of Christians for religious reasons is most severe.

Christians in Egypt who come from a Muslim background often face persecution from their families. Christians are also targeted for looting, destruction of businesses and churches, and face discrimination.

egyptchurchhectordeperedaThe threat of persecution isn’t stopping Youssef and his colleagues, though. Youssef says, “[There’s a need for] people who have thought their faith through and they have good reasons for believing what they believe…. In this time, the Church is suffering from a lack of solid answers and good vision for what is coming next.”

Please be praying for Youssef and his colleagues as they continue to work in Egypt. Please also be praying for wisdom and guidance of this generation and its leaders.

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