Christians in Nigeria need Bibles

By December 23, 2013

Nigeria (MNN) — It’s December 23. You’ve been looking for the perfect gift for someone who has everything. Seems kind of silly buying them something, doesn’t it? Especially when you know Christians in places like Nigeria don’t even have a Bible.

CRI is sending a sea container of Bibles and books to Nigeria. Can you help deliver them?

CRI is sending a sea container of Bibles and books to Nigeria. Can you help deliver them?

Your Christmas gift to Christian Resources International will change that. Executive Director Jason Woolford says, “The majority of people live on an income of less than a dollar a day. The average Bible that I could find: $12. So, imagine taking a 1/3 of what you have to go buy a Bible. It’s just not feasible.”

This is an area where the terrorist group Boko Haram is active. Woolford is hopeful. “I’m believing that the Word that we are sending there, God’s Word, is going to get into the hands of one of those, or many of those people, and their lives are going to be changed–that they will have a Paul-type experience.”

CRI needs your help. Why? “We are going to be sending nearly a half-million dollars of free Bibles in a sea container to our distribution center in Nigeria.” That’s nearly 30,000 volumes.

Your $50 Christmas gift will provide 150 Bibles and books to the people of Nigeria.

Each Bible is actually shared by approximately 20 people. As God’s Word is shared from person to person, you’re financial support is duplicating the Gospel in people’s hearts.


  • We will help you next year to get Bibles to Nigerians. We rather give you funds than send Bibles directly. We had numerous requests but didn’t know the safest way to send them. God bless. We collect Bibles also. God bless!

  • Bob Thonney says:

    Where can you donate?

  • My name is Reginald Harris and I currently serve as the Director of Operations for TEL International. Recently I received a letter from a student at the Polytechnic school in Nigeria to provide 220 bibles. Is it possible to purchase bibles through your ministry and have a representative from a local church in Nigeria retrieve and deliver them to their constituency?

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