Christians in the U-S are needed to help children in Beslan, Russia

By March 3, 2006

Russia (MNN) — Grief still grips the city of Beslan, Russia 18 months after Chechen rebels killed more than 300 students and adults at school number one. Russian Ministries is involved in the continued recovery with grief counseling and sharing Christ. They want to do so much more and now they are.

Vice President of Russian Ministries Sergey Rakhuba says Kids Around the World suggested building a playground for the kids. “So, we took that idea to the mayor of Beslan and he loved that idea. So, we received free land and kind of partnering with local believers and the government. The equipment has already been shipped there. It’s stored there in Beslan and waiting for volunteers to come and help us to install it.”

The 10 day trip will take place May 11-21, 2006. Rakhuba’s excited about what will happen. “It will be a great time, not just working together, but fellowshipping together with families in Beslan, working with local Christians, volunteers, working with kids, those kids who lost some of their siblings.”

Rakhuba is excited about dedicating the playground to God. “It will be a great, great dedication service. (We’ll be) praying to God, asking His blessing, that the playground will be used not just for a playground for kids, but a tool to reach out to families in Beslan.”

The Gospel will be shared with both children and adults, says Rakhuba. “There will always be Christians on duty there. Parents don’t leave the children out of their sight anymore. And, there will always be an opportunity to tell them (about Christ).”

He’s hoping for 30 to 40 people to go on the trip. You can request information and sign up for the trip on our home page (

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