Christians lay low In Pakistan’s instability

By November 9, 2007

Pakistan (MNN) — Paskistan's emergency rule has contributed to the rapid decline of stability in the country. Persecution there ebbs and flows, and now the country is back on the radar, especially because the International Day of Prayer is Sunday, November 11. 

IDOP is a day set aside by World Evangelical Alliance for believers around the word to pray for persecuted believers. MNN is taking part in the International Day of Prayer for the persecuted church through a radio broadcast that features agencies who work with the persecuted church. Download the broadcast.

Voice of the Martyrs Canada's Glenn Penner says he doesn't believe Sharia law will affect the entire country, but "I think you're going to see it in certain areas, certainly in the Northwest Province. That's a bit of the problem–that they have declared Sharia law in the Northwest Province and basically are operating completely outside of the federal governments jurisdiction. That's part of the concern for that country."

Christians will likely lay low for a while according to Penner. Pakistan's President Musharraf has  clamped down on the media and arrested many human rights advocates, including the chair of the human rights commission of Pakistan who also serves as the UN's representative of freedom of religion. 

The tense atmosphere, according to Penner, may produce "an increasing conflict between the government Islamic militants and democrats who would like to see a return to democracy."

With IDOP approaching, many nations will be praying. Believers in persecuted countries like Pakistan, rarely ask for prayer for physical safety. "Safety in most countries is not even considered a normal part of life. Pray that they will be able to continue to spread the Gospel, that they'll be bold in their faith, that they won't deny Christ in the midst of their afflictions." 

Of course Pakistan is not the only country on the list of prayer needs, especially this Sunday. 

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