Christians minister to Jewish people in the former Soviet Union

By October 7, 2020

Ukraine (MNN) — Slavic Gospel Association works with Jewish populations in many different countries throughout the former Soviet Union. Millions of Jews live in countries like Russia and Ukraine, even after many have emigrated from the region. SGA supports local churches that often minister to these populations.

This ministry comes with its own challenges. Eric Mock says, “There’s some false teaching that’s out there today that is impacting some of the Jewish communities and causing actually, some of the Jewish believers to struggle in their faith.”

The stained glass window shows Moses with the Ten Commandments. (Image by falco from Pixabay)

One way SGA has been helping is to translate the book Reading Moses, Seeing Jesus into Russian. Mock says, “The book is helping equip the pastors specifically working with the Jewish people, to point them to the fact that Jesus is the culmination from Genesis 3:15 all the way through. Christ is the culmination of God’s plan of redemption. No more other additional sacrifices are needed. Christ is all in all, there’s no reason to return to the sacrificial system to earn favor before God.”

The story of Jesus can be seen all throughout the Old Testament, but this book focuses specifically on the five books of Moses: Genesis through Deuteronomy. Read more about the book here.

How to get involved

As this ministry continues to bear fruit for the Gospel, pray for these pastors and churches in the former Soviet Union. Mock says, “We serve the church that God has raised up, faithful Bible-preaching churches, who reach out into their community with the Gospel and the love of God. And we’re seeing lives eternally changed for God’s glory.”

Pray many Jewish people would continue coming to Christ as a result of this ministry.

SGA supports many churches through the Christ over COVID campaign, which equipped local churches to supply food and the hope of the Gospel to people in need during the pandemic.



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