Christians mobilize to assist the devastated Caribbean nations in the wake of Hurricane Ivan.

By September 10, 2004

Jamaica (MNN)–Hurricane Ivan is now a Category Five storm. The storm strengthened after leaving deep scars on Grenada and other parts of the Bahamas.

Thousands are without food, water and shelter in Ivan’s wake. Food for the Poor’s Angel Aloma says they’ve sent shipments of emergency supplies to Grand Bahama Island, which was severely damaged by Hurricane Frances.
A full container of kerosene stoves and lanterns, blankets, buckets and coolers has arrived at the island, and is being distributed to the victims of the storm.

Discovery Cruise Lines, operating out of Port Everglades, has provided the transportation for the relief supplies, and will be assisting Food For The Poor by shipping an additional 15 containers of food and water destined for Grand Bahama Island.

Nearly 90-percent of the wood structures are gone, and most of the roofs on standing homes are gone. He says their challenge is meeting so much need. “We have to buy a lot of zinc and wood and things like that to send down to these islands, because it’s not only food and water. They actually have no shelter whatsoever. We spoke to a lady in Grenada yesterday who works for one of the Christian agencies down there, and she was telling us that it’s just total devastation.”

Jamaican Prime Minister P.J. Patterson urged Jamaica’s 2.7 million people to get ready. Aloma says they’re expecting the worst from Hurricane Ivan’s blow in Jamaica, but teams stand ready to minister.

The Food For The Poor warehouse is fully stocked with food, water, medicine and emergency supplies, which will be distributed as needed throughout the country. But it goes beyond the supplies. “The Salvation Army in Jamaica is waiting now. As soon as the hurricane is over, they’re at a ready stage to begin distributing the food that we will give to them. As you know, the Salvation Army are very active as soldiers of Christ.”

Aloma points out that in times of crisis, people look to God for answers. Their partnerships with the local churches will also help area believers reach out to their communities, lending credibility to their words and deeds.
Please pray for those who will be working to help hurricane survivors.

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