Christians move to clear the way for both the Gospel and adoption.

By November 26, 2003

USA (MNN)–You can call it an ‘advocacy’ that developed into a partnership with a vision. Adoption Associates is excited about their project with a new agency, Christian Advocates for Adoption, or CAFA.

CAFA director, Al Keenan explains theirs is a ministry that supports the Gospel. However, there are a few perception challenges they’ve had to overcome. “Many people are coming to realize that adoption is not an odd thing, it’s not a strange thing, in fact the New Testament doctrine of adoption states that as Christians, we’ve actually been adopted into the family of God.”

As for the nuts-and-bolts of how they help Christian adoptive groups like Adoption Associates, Keenan says: “When they have people come to them, and funds are a barrier, we want to help those couples that are committed to adoption, find the funding to do that. Our vision is to promote adoption within the Christian community through inspiration, education and provision.”

Through teaching, speaking and writing CAFA will educate the church about God’s heart for the orphan. Both the Old and New Testament scriptures show that God loves and has compassion for the fatherless. His Word instructs believers to “care for . . . the orphan” (James 1:27). Adoption is the ultimate demonstration of care and compassion.

Because cost is a primary barrier to adoption, CAFA will help provide a non-profit avenue through which funds will be available to facilitate adoptions. This will encourage giving due to the tax benefits and will allow donors to remain anonymous should they choose to. They want to remove the barrier of cost so that more families will be able to follow their heart in adoption.

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