Christians move toward strategic healthcare and outreach

By February 6, 2009

Uganda (MNN) — The Hope Medical
Center of  Bugongi received its name
from AMG International as a reminder
that true healing is only in Christ. 

In August 2005, the Center opened
in Bugongi Village in response to the great needs. AMG's Paul Jenks says, "Although
there was a government clinic, they literally had no medications at all in the
clinic." The center also provides counseling services to people living with
AIDS. This year's vision is to expand their work to include the construction of
a maternity ward.

Jenks says they're also
partnering healthcare with a childcare program. AMG-Uganda's childcare ministry
began in the mid-1990's with 11 children. There are now nearly 1,000 children in the
program, with more than 300 sponsored.  

The children and the community
have been taught the Word of God through Saturday camps, church
visitations, and outreach programs in schools and colleges. 

It's time to grow again because
there's need. Because they strategically partner
healthcare with the existing AMG childcare development centers, Jenks says, "We're focusing on these clinics
in Bugongi, and another new clinic that we're just establishing now is in a
place called Igamba. We had a team
member donate the funds so that it is possible for us to expand to a new

The Igamba project began in 2004
and has 248 sponsored children.  Like
many other parts of the district, Igamba faces high poverty. The Poverty
Alleviation Program is a strong partner. 

AMG's approach to the Gospel is
through holistic ministry. Jenks explains:
"How do you tell a hungry or a sick child that God loves him
without ministering to the body as well as to the soul? This is a very clear way of demonstrating
that we're not here just to proselytize or change people from a spiritual perspective, but we're also here to really bring about good for their life, here and now."

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