Christians murdered by Islamic militants in the DRC

By July 2, 2024

(Screenshot courtesy Prayercast)

Congo-Kinshasa (MNN) – More than 80 people were murdered by Islamic militants in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in recent weeks. The victims were allegedly targeted because of their Christian faith, says Voice of the Martyrs USA.

On May 31, the first 13 bodies were found in a northern village close to the Ugandan border. Killings with guns and machetes continued throughout the week in nearby villages. Since there are more than 100 armed groups operating in the DRC, it is difficult to discern the exact source of the attacks, but it is easy to understand the primary motive: hatred of Christians.

“We don’t know how they’re identifying targets or victims, but we do know that the ADF, the Allied Democratic Forces, have pledged allegiance to ISIS,” says Todd Nettleton with VOM USA. “They have in mind to set up an Islamic caliphate in this part of DRC.”

“Christians are specifically targeted.”

Radical Islam has been advancing southward into Africa, sweeping up more and more countries as it goes. ADF, though formed in Uganda, has begun recruiting Congolese and terrorizing the communities along the border. They are suspected of instigating the majority of the attacks.

“At this point, it doesn’t seem that the government and the army is able to stop these attacks or really even protect against them,” Nettleton says. “In the last few weeks… two men were approached by the ADF. They were asked, ‘Are you Christian or Muslim?’ One of the men said, ‘I’m a Christian’ and was instantly executed right on the spot.”

The other man claimed he was a Muslim and was heavily questioned about the Quran and Ramadan until he was finally released. This is just one example that Nettleton received through a conversation with a partner in the DRC during a VOM podcast.

More than 100 jihadists groups are vying for control in DRC

(Screenshot courtesy Prayercast)

Against such extremists, Nettleton encourages the Church to use prayer as a response. “I think it’s our duty as fellow members of the Body of Christ to know what’s happening to them, to be able to pray for them effectively and knowledgeably, and also to be able to stand with them, to be able to serve them in their time of need,” he says.

He also mentions financially partnering with groups that distribute Bibles to local churches, VOM being one of them. Their goal is to equip believers with the Word, spiritually strengthening them against persecution.

“These are people who are our brothers and sisters that are being attacked, that are facing this difficulty,” Nettleton said. As terror advances through Central Africa, threatening our brothers and sisters, let us join in prayer for their spiritual strength and safety.


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