Christians needs prayer in Asia

By January 16, 2007

Asia (MNN) — In a country where it’s difficult to be a Christian, a believer is facing some incredible challenges in the days, weeks and months ahead.

According to World Venture a government employed man committed his life to Christ last summer. We’re not mentioning his name or where he’s from for security reasons.

He was recently transferred back to his hometown just a month after coming to Christ. Unfortunately, there is no church in his community, though there are a couple of believers there. World Venture is sending him discipleship lessons through the mail. Recently, however, someone opened his mail at work and reported it to his boss.

While he was facing questions about his faith, the new believer stood firm. His boss got angry and told him he’d be fired if he didn’t stop being a Christian.

Since the government can’t fire him because of his faith, government workers are known to make life miserable for Christians. Many times Christians are transferred away from family and friends, they fabricate complaints against them, refuse vacation requests, or anything else they can do to force them to leave voluntarily.

Pray for this brother as he faces this time of testing. Pray that he’ll respond to evil with good and that God would give him strength and wisdom to be a witness in these difficult circumstances.

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