Christians plead for prayer in a violent Iraq

By July 31, 2012

Iraq (MNN) — Last week, a string of bombings killed over 100 people in Iraq. Sunday, July 29, seven Iraqi policemen were killed in two bombings and a drive-by shooting, according to the Associated Press.

Violence has spiked all over Iraq this year, and Christians have also been targeted. Believers continue to leave the deathly nation because many who remain are being killed.

Open Doors USA recently received this e-mail from one of their contacts in Baghdad:

"The terror in Iraq recently was the worst for several years. Each hour the news of what happened gets worse. There have also been major al-Qaeda threats to everyone, especially the Christians. After last week's violence, communication is terrible.

"It is not really possible to describe the devastation here in Baghdad. Over 100 have been killed. Security has been a target. We have none. I came back early because things were getting worse, and they sure are! We are all okay, though.

"We are used to bad problems here in Baghdad, but the violence is just quite unbelievable. 12 car bombs, 2 suicide bombers on motor bikes. Scores of police and soldiers killed. We no longer have any security. It was all Iraqi police and soldiers. Whilst our people have not been killed, the injuries are so severe to so many.

"There have also been new serious threats from Abu Baker Al Hussani, the head of al-Qaeda in Iraq. Despite all of this, we do not give up and do not fear. We keep praising the Holy One who never leaves us.

"Well, today has been good and exhausting. In the church we have been looking at Psalm 23. When people ask me what they should pray for us here in Iraq, I say it should be the 3 P's: Protection, Provision and Perseverance. It is these three things that Psalm 23 deals with. Have a look and see what is what."

Pray for Iraq and the remaining Christians. Pray that they would remain bold and might have opportunities to share the peace of Christ with frightened community members around them.

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