Christians push evangelism as the country nears it bicentenial celebration.

By October 2, 2003

Haiti (MNN) — Christians hope to start the next 200 years of that nation’s history on a Christian foundation. That’s the word from American evangelist Sammy Tippit. Tippit says Christians are focusing on evangelism, countering the country’s dedication to the Devil at the country’s founding 200 years ago.

Tippit was in Haiti recently holding evangelistic meetings. He says one gathering presented a unique challenge. “One young man, who was evidently involved in voodoo, tried to put a curse on the team. He broke through the crowd and grabbed a chair and started swinging at the crowd and at me and he had to be subdued by men. So, it was quite a scene there. But, in spite of all those types of things, we still saw the Lord move and people come to know Christ.”

While this was just one event, Tippit says this could be a major evangelistic intiative. “This evangelistic meeting was a part of the large plan to bring the nation and to call the nation to repent of that and to turn totally and completely to Jesus Christ,” says Tippit. He adds, “there’s a great hunger among Christians to see a great revival take place.”

Tippit believes Haiti has a unique spiritual history. He says, “I think the whole atmosphere of voodoo and all of that, makes it different from other places. But, there is a hunger for for the Gospel.”

According to Tippit, the country can’t move forward without leadership training. “Everything hinges on leadership,” says Tippit. He says, “whether it’s good leadership or bad leadership. We’re putting together a series on leadership. We already have a 20 week program on Godly and Christ like leadership.”

Pray that God uses this to grow the church in Haiti.

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