Christians re-converting to Hinduism, is it true?

By November 1, 2004

India (MNN) — Recently, Hindu extremists claimed to have “reconverted” 76 Christians in Sarat village, in the district of Mayurbhanj in northern Orissa. Newspapers all over India published articles about the incident. Later, a reputable Christian group said the re-conversion happened after villagers were threatened.

Meanwhile, about 45 miles from the site of this so-called “re-conversion,” one of Mission India of Grand Rapids, Michigan partners was quietly reaching 1,901 children through our Children’s Bible Clubs. About half of the children have become believers.

After being trained in a one of our seminars and receiving her packet of class materials, a woman named Mital organized 45 volunteers to go door-to-door, enrolling children in CBC’s. Through the efforts of Mital and her volunteers 1,901 children eventually attended CBC classes in a village in the Balasore district.

Little more is known about Mital’s CBC clubs — the report received by Mission India was very brief. Because of ongoing persecution throughout Orissa, Christians in the region prefer to work quietly, behind the scenes.

In the words of a Mission India staff person: “The Orissa Christians are happy to bring in the harvest, while the extremists try to steal sheaves.” Pray the Christians continue in their work despite the oppression.

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