Christians reach in Libya, as civil unrest continues

By March 18, 2011

Libya (MNN) — As the United Nations Security Council considers a no-fly zone over Libya, the people of that nation are suffering. That's the word from the President of Medical Teams International, Bas Vanderzalm.

In an exclusive interview with Mission Network News, Vanderzalm says Libyan Americans are requesting Medical Teams to send in medical supplies and volunteer teams. "People have had to flee the fighting. And they are living in refugee camps now. This has happened very quickly. And so we have been able to ship in almost $900,000 worth of medical supplies that will help 20,000 for three months."

However, the needs continue to develop there. He says this is a great way for Christians in the West to work in this challenging area of the world. "This is a wonderful opportunity for us as Christians in the United States to respond and help as a testimony of the love of Christ."

The United States is urging Libya's Arab neighbors to take military action. Vanderzalm says, "The people we are working with have family members and friends throughout the country. They are reporting to us that people are being jailed, that people are being killed and injured. If the situation does not improve, I think it's highly likely that we will see a lot of death and destruction and probably refugee movements as well."

Many clinics and hospitals have been overwhelmed.

Vanderzalm says providing this relief brings an important message. "Regardless of the faith differences that we may have, we want you to know that we care for you. God cares for you, and we want to reach out to you and show you Christ loves you, too."

Medical Teams needs your help. According to Vanderzalm, "For $31.50 we can provide the medicines and medical supplies 30 people need for a month. So that's an enormous leverage that people might have with a gift that they make. They can touch the lives of people they may never know."

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