Christians reach out in India, trouble free

By March 10, 2008

India (MNN) — While many parts of India are experiencing increasing amounts of persecution, a team from India Partners just returned from a trip that saw none of that. That's one reason they're looking for more people to join them this summer.

India Partners
' Donna Glass led the team to the states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Glass says, "Some of the places had never seen any Caucasian person before. They had never had any of our teams ever visit. We entertained the children with puppetry and magic tricks and also told the Gospel story and handed out toys that our many supporters in the United States had sent with us."

They were also able to help in a computer training school for the disabled. Glass says, "While we were there, we were able to work on English as a Second Language with those young adults 18 to 34-years-old who are in the current class."

Just being from the West was enough to provide opportunities to share their faith. "The people are just so happy to be there. It's such an encouragement to them that you care enough to travel half way around the world and take the time and resources to come and spend time with them," says Glass.

Glass and the team were surprised when they went to hold a village church children's outreach. She was concerned it was being held during school. "A member of that small village congregation was actually the headmaster of that school, so he released the whole school. There were about 80 children, and everyone of them got a gift."

Glass says this was a seed-planting trip. She hopes that because of their visit people will look to the church for support and guidance.

She's encouraging you to join them on their next trip this summer. "There [are] a lot of school teachers and college students who have expressed an interest to go, but they can't go during the winter because of their school schedules. So we actually have a trip that's scheduled to depart the United States on June 29 and returning July 12."

The trip will be tailored to fit the skill set of those who are going on the trip. Applications are being accepted through March 29. If you're interested, click here.

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