Christians reach out to basketball fans in U.S.

By March 6, 2009

USA (MNN) — College basketball has a huge following in the United States. That couldn't be more true in what's known as March Madness. It's the time of year when conference tournaments begin. It's also the time known for the National Collegiate Athletic Association's Final Four Tournament that will determine the top college basketball team in the nation.

This year, Sports Fan Outreach will be heading to tournament events. But they're not going to cheer for their favorite teams. Founder of the ministry Bill Adams says, "We talk to people, distribute Christian literature, preach a little bit in the open air, and we do whatever is needed to get the Word out."

The 'word' he's talking about is the Word of God — the Gospel message.

Adams says the sports scene is dark. Many idolize athletes and their favorite teams. And many have never heard the Gospel. Many are looking for answers.

That's why Sports Fan Outreach attends these events, to share the Gospel. And they get a lot of response. "Every human being has a response to the Gospel. Even if it's a negative response, it's a response."

What keeps them going is when they start getting questions and eyes start to flicker with understanding. Adam says, "Then you begin to realize that if you weren't there, they wouldn't hear the Gospel on that day."

Sports Fan Outreach will be at the Atlantic Coast Conference and Southeast Conference Tournament games next weekend. Then they will head to Detroit, the site of the Final Four Tournament games.

While it may be short notice for you to get involved, there are many other opportunities to reach out at athletic events this year. Adams says, "We'll be going to the Kentucky Derby the first [part] of May, the baseball All-Star game in July, and we may have a chance to journey over to Wimbledon in June, and maybe to South Africa to get ready for the World Cup. They're having what they call the Confederation Cup."

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