Christians thankful for literature

By July 5, 2007

India (MNN) — Christians in India are very thankful for the "treasures" they received from Christian Resources International.

CRI sent a crate of Christian literature to Kerala, India recently. The people there are very thankful for books that they receive when the crates arrive. 

A contact in the area wrote to CRI to share the joy that the crates have brought and the extent to which they are being used. "Now more than 21 Bible colleges collected the books, and our newly started Bible college is having good collections of books," they wrote.

Many pastors as well as students are already using these books. However, more and more people would like to receive literature, too. 

Another student who will soon be traveling back to his home in Myanmar write to CRI. He said it was "wonderful to see the boxes" that were sent. Since Myanmar is not very accepting of Christianity, his trip back home has been described as heading into a mine field. 

"Really my thanks will be more than words can express. I pray that the Lord will bring His blessing upon your service and life as you are in His wonderful ministry," he wrote.

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