‘Christians, they will pay for this,’ says e3 Partners

By September 13, 2012

International (MNN) — The world is on alert in the aftermath of the attack on two United States embassies. First, protesters scaled the walls of the embassy in Cairo, tearing down the U.S. flag and replacing it with an Islamic one. Then, Islamist extremists attacked the embassy in Benghazi, Libya killing Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other diplomats.

The attacks reignite an already volatile situation in the region. Tie that together with civil war in Syria and the region is unstable at best.

Vice President of e3 Partners Tom Doyle is puzzled about how quiet Egypt's president has been in all this. "As far as I've seen, there hasn't been an official statement for Mohammad Morsi."

On the other hand, Doyle says, "The Libyan government issued a statement of regret and sorrow about the things that happened. It is definitely gang warfare in Libya."

With Libya up for grabs politically, Christians in Egypt are concerned. "They were very concerned that this brotherhood sweep in Egypt would just flow over into Libya and take that over. If that happens, virtually the land space — that's half of North Africa being led by the radicals."

This recent violence against the United States could be just a glimpse of things to come. "It seems to be in the Middle East a contest of who can outdo each other in their radical allegiance to the Quran and Mohammad."

What about Christians in this region? "There's always the tie from Muslims to believers in their country to the west — to America, the great Satan. When you see these things, most people don't think about what that means for the Christians. They will pay a price for this."

While the tension is ratcheted up since the attacks, Doyle says many Muslims are sick of the violence. "They've been seeing Muslims kill Muslims. And many young people have had enough of that. You won't see that on the news."

Doyle says, "Isn't it amazing that today the countries of conflict–look at Iran–boast the fastest-growing church per capita in the world right now, according to Operation World. The hotspots in the world is where the church is thriving and flourishing and growing faster than in those countries than it probably ever has in 2,000 years."

With the commemoration of the 9/11 attacks and these recent attacks, Muslims in the west are being marginalized. Doyle says Christians should "reach out to them. Start a conversation about Jesus. You will be shocked at how open they are to receive your friendship and just your greeting. Jesus could use this to really reach out to a Muslim."

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