Christians Threatened for their faith in Laos

By March 12, 2004

Laos (MNN) — Christians in a village in Laos are asking believers world-wide to pray. According to Christian Solidarity Worldwide Christians in the village of Donthapad were told by government officials to give up their Christian faith, leave the village or die.

This shocking ultimatum was delivered by a government official. Christians are concerned by these threats as believers are often mistreated and significant numbers of them have been thrown into prison for their beliefs.

A school teacher was recently arrested because of his refusal to give up his faith. A Christian farmer recently had his property and pigs confiscated. Believers have been fined for holding prayer meetings. Government leaders say if the fines aren’t paid the village chief will take over their property and burn their homes.

While there’s real fear and oppression, many are turning to Christ. Pray that the Lord will use this situation to bring even more to Himself.

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