Christians to help Egypt’s failing economy

By June 15, 2015
President Sisi
(Photo cred: Ruth Kramer)

(Photo credit Ruth Kramer)

Egypt (MNN) — Increasing food and energy prices have pushed Egypt’s annual headline inflation rate to 13.11%. Food prices, coupled with the government’s slashing of energy subsidies, pushed prices at the pump up 78%. Unemployment is just over 13%. It’s 26% among young people. That’s creating an amazing open door for Christians in Egypt.

President of International Needs Rody Rodeheaver says, “We are just opening a new skills training center. That training center is being built and will be staffed and will be up to speed in the fall.”

What will the center teach? Rodeheaver says, “We’re going to be teaching hairdressing, pedicures, manicures, ESL lessons so they can learn to speak English, computer literacy, also repairing of computers and mobile phones.”

These are skills that will allow these individuals to start store-front businesses which will not only help the economy, but provide jobs for themselves.

Rodeheaver says, “We’re hoping that in doing that, Muslims will see Christians care about them and are interested in helping them, and then it becomes a platform for sharing the Gospel.”

While the United States is criticizing Egyptian President al-Sisi’s recent heavy-handed control of its opposition, Rodeheaver says, “There is a sense of security because they trust the military far more than they trusted Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.”

That trust is allowing the economy to improve. Unemployment has improved by 1%; inflation also improved by 1% from April to May. “Sisi’s roll has been to try to restore the economy; that’s not going to be an easy task. And, that’s the struggle right now.”

All of this coupled together is impacting the number people coming to Christ. Rodeheaver says, “Our pastors are seeing more Muslims find Christ because they’re beginning to see the difference in the lives of believers.”

Training is currently underway in preparation for the launch in the fall. Rodeheaver is asking you to pray for this. “It’s a roll-out of a new program that’s going to be around for a long time making a big difference for the people of Egypt.”

If you’d like to support the work of International Needs in Egypt, call them at 616-209-5420.

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  • I am a recently qualified Christian ESL teacher from South Afrrica with a CELTA certificate. I am interested in teaching at the training centre when it opens as I would like as a christian to make a difference in those people’s lives. I’ve been to Egypt several times as I have friends there and I am familiar with their lifestyle and culture.

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