Christians to plant 35 stations in Papua New Guinea

By January 25, 2007

Papua New Guinea (MNN) — HCJB Global is partnering with the government of Papua New Guinea to make a difference in the lives of people through radio.

*A worker with HCJB Global’s  says, “There are about 35 stations ultimately that will be planted in Papua New Guinea that will cover that vast geography.”

However, he says HCJB won’t be doing this alone. “We’ve got a partner in Port Moresby, the capital, that’s where the main radio station is. HCJB is responsible for all of the equipment in this network, for training the people who work in this Wantok Radio Light, as it’s called. As this ministry is built we raise money to build new repeaters and they spread out across the whole geography.”

While it’s a partnership with Christians, the government is also helping he adds. “The New Guinean government’s part in it is that they’ve granted all the licenses up front — 35 to start with. And, they want to be able to use the network when there’s a national emergency.”

However, he also says the government doesn’t want to program the station. “They say, you guys put in the network, you’re in charge of the content. So, it’s Christian radio day and night.”

Currently they’re in fund raising mode for broadcast equipment, but they’re also raising money for something else.  “We’re raising money to get 50,000 fixed tuned solar powered radios to distribute as these radio stations go in. It’s fixed to your local station, go an do evangelism, hand out a radio, start a radio club, and lead people to Jesus.”

Singer Song Writer Russ Lee is helping HCJB Global in their fund-raising efforts.  “He’s really pouring a lot of energy into promoting the kind of ministry that HCJB is doing. In fact, he was just on a tour in PNG. He went around playing his guitar, doing concerts. Hundreds of people came to Christ.”

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*Name withheld for security purposes

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