Christians work to prevent spread of HIV/AIDS in Uzbekistan

By March 8, 2005

Uzbekistan (MNN) — World Vision is partnering with the Youth League Kamolot to conduct peer-to-peer education activities to prevent HIV/AIDS in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. The project seeks to protect youth against drug abuse and high-risk behavior.

In a recent televised debate aired in the Central Asian country, Uzbek youth told about their participation in World Vision’s training on HIV/AIDS prevention issues. Sixty youth leaders and World Vision specialists took part in the debate. A project worker said, “Infections are on the rise in Uzbekistan and fighting [the disease] means working more closely with youth and encouraging them to take an active stand in the global effort to fight HIV/AIDS.”

The youths added that parents also need to learn more about HIV/AIDS so they can educate their children even though the disease is often connected with illicit drug use. Pray that through the program Christians will be able to share Christ as they help.

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