Christmas ‘Food for Families’

By December 19, 2013
(Photo courtesy IN Network )

(Photo courtesy IN Network )

International (INN) — As the International Needs Network looks forward to Christmas once again, they want to bless each child with food for their families.

In countries where IN Network has sponsorship programs, poverty is the norm; many families cannot afford basic food items like beans, meat, or rice. More often than not, these children count on the meal they get at school as their only meal each day.

What follows is a reminder from their blog about the difference your involvement makes:

Comfort, who is the Ghana Sponsorship Coordinator, shared what joy these gifts of food brought to the children and their families. Her eyes were bright as she told how it took many truckloads, piled high, to get the food supplies to each school.

Teachers and administrators worked together to package and distribute the food. They were overwhelmed at the amount of food they were able to give to families. Ghanaian staff members were moved to tears.

We, in the United States, were moved to tears.

Your children and their families were blessed beyond measure.

The Lord moved in hearts all over the world in a big way last year, and we are so thankful for the generous gifts which helped to feed over 2,000 hungry families. As Christmas approaches this year, we are praying for the Lord to bless this effort once again so these families don’t go hungry.

IN Network asks: Will you be part of this blessing by giving today?

Their ministry team notes that some children in the sponsorship program don’t yet have sponsors. Without sponsors, the ministry struggles to provide food for the children who are awaiting sponsorship.

(Photo courtesy IN Network)

Sponsorship opens a world of hope for these children. In impoverished areas, children suffer most. Every day, they experience severe hunger, life-threatening illness, abuse, and slavery. Often they are the last to eat. Their dreams are not considered and they live in a bleak world without choices. (Photo courtesy IN Network)

But, a sponsored child knows that somebody cares whether they live or die. She gets an education and an opportunity to dream about the future. Most importantly, she learns about Jesus Christ.

For this reason, IN Network approaches the Christmas Food for Families effort as a whole, and doesn’t offer the option to designate a certain child or worker. In this way they ensure that all the families receive food this Christmas.

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