Christmas opens doors to orphan’s hearts

By December 25, 2012

International (MNN) — Christ is being brought to the "forgotten" in many parts of the world through Christmas parties. Orphan Outreach is holding parties in Guatemala, Honduras, India, and Russia.

Tiffany Taylor with Orphan Outreach says this isn't just an opportunity to "get a Christmas gift, but that's our opportunity to talk with orphans about why we care about them, about the fact that even though they don't have a physical father, they have a heavenly Father who loves them dearly."

While Christmas opens additional doors for ministry, it also requires additional dollars. Taylor says now is great time to support them. "Right now we have a matching opportunity: a donor is matching gifts up to $75,000. We're just looking for people who are touched and want to help orphans."

The end of the year giving for Orphan Outreach is critical. "It helps our staff be able to go into these orphanages and continue to do follow-up ministry, [as well as] continue the relationships that we're building right now, that we're starting this Christmas season."

To support the work of Orphan Outreach and help them take advantage of the $75,000 matching grant, click here.

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