Christmas parade unifies a community and helps build a health center in Ghana.

By January 9, 2007

Ghana (MNN)–Oasis International recently took part in a Christmas parade through the streets of Pram Pram, Ghana. The hope was that the event would serve dual purpose: raise funds for a community health center, and unified ministry.

Oasis’ Sue Brennan explained that the clinic “ran out of funds, so it’s not complete right now. The walls are up and the roof is on, of course they need windows and doors and then, what they need to finish inside is not complete either.”

Ambrose Brennan says the funds raised from the parade jump-started the building project by a year. “If we all get together behind this project, we can really make something happen. So right now, they’re currently working on their recovery ward, and they’ve got a lot of the block work and things done, but we want to continue on with the electrical and plumbing.”

Reverand Narh is the pastor of a local church that participated in the parade. He says the fundraising parade opened the door for evangelism. “It created a sense of awareness to the people, especially coming together as Christians with one purpose for Christ. Then we also noticed that it fostered a good spirit of unity and they are now asking more about Christ.”

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