Christmas party in Haiti may be the only time families meet Jesus

By December 25, 2020

Haiti (MNN) — The pandemic this year isn’t going to stop 32 years of Christmas tradition at For Haiti With Love. Though things look a little different.

Every year, For Haiti With Love hosts a Christmas party for Haitian children and their families. They enjoy a big meal, give the kids presents, and most importantly, present the Gospel.

This year, the party is smaller. But they are still intent on making sweet Christmas memories.

Eva DeHart with For Haiti With Love says, “The gifts are brand new toys, brand new clothes, things that they may not otherwise have access to. It’s mainly giving them something to remember [that is] positive and giving them the Gospel for a lifetime.”

(Photo courtesy of For Haiti with Love)

Haitians are especially struggling this year since international support has dropped.

DeHart says, “Most of their help comes from the United States, and the United States has had many, many challenges. The churches being closed here has had a major impact because those churches are struggling to maintain their own overheads. That always means mission giving is forgotten. So [Haitians] reap the outfall of our problems by their support not going in. It makes it even more important to double down and make our presence known and show them that we are not abandoning them.”

Most of the families who come to For Haiti With Love’s annual Christmas party don’t have a relationship with Jesus. This may be the only time they hear about their Heavenly Father who loves them.

“We make sure that the focus is on the Christ part of Christmas. We want them to feel love. We want them to feel special in God’s eyes.”

(Photo courtesy of For Haiti With Love)

Please ask God to provide for Haitian families’ physical and spiritual needs going into the New Year. Pray for them to ultimately know the joy and hope found in Jesus.

Year-round, For Haiti With Love also runs a burn clinic and food program in Haiti — all in Christ’s name. You can support this vital ministry here!





Header photo courtesy of Alice Harold via Flickr.

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