Christmas stockings bring hope

By January 14, 2015
Stuff stocking 2015
stocking stuffers

SOAR’s team stuffs stockings.
(Photo credit SOAR)

Russia (MNN) — Remember the SOAR International team you’ve been praying for? You know, the one sharing Christ’s love with orphans and at-risk kids in Russia?

Well, here’s an update from SOAR’s Greg Mangione: “We’re at an orphanage right now in the small, little town of Kostino. If you can hear in the background, there’s a puppet show being given, sharing the Gospel message.

“We’ll be getting ready to hand out stockings here in the next few minutes.”

Watch the team in action here.

Through their “Stuff-A-Stocking” project, SOAR fills Christmas stockings with basic hygiene items, school supplies, and Scripture. These simple gifts speak volumes about God’s love to orphans and at-risk kids.

In Russia alone, there are more than 700,000 children who are considered orphans. These children are in an orphanage, relying on the government to take care of them. They rarely–if ever–hear “I love you” or receive a gift of their very own.

Stuff stocking 2015

(Photo credit SOAR)

But, through “Stuff-A-Stocking,” each orphan receives his own Christmas stocking laden with practical gifts and a letter from the stocking’s sponsor. These acts of kindness not only make children feel recognized and valued, they reflect the attention and love of Jesus Christ for each individual He created, whether great or small.

Mangione’s team has already given Christmas stockings to orphans in Moscow and Kostino. Now, they’re bringing some to Sochi and Abkhazia.

Check out some of the trip pictures on SOAR’s Facebook page.

“We just thank you for your continued prayers as we finish up the trip this week and return back to Alaska,” Mangione shares.

“We look forward to publishing the report in the coming weeks.”

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