Church attacks finally making international news

By August 20, 2013
The church is the Body of Christ and it is being crucified again in Egypt. (Photo: Mass in a burned-out church)

The church is the Body of Christ and it is being crucified again in Egypt. (Photo: Mass in a burned-out church)

Egypt (MNN) — Nearly 1,000 people have been killed in Egypt as Muslim Brotherhood radical continue beating their pro-President Morsi drum. Morsi was ousted from power in a bloodless military coup on July 3. The Muslim Brotherhood anger is spilling over against Christians. While Christians have been the target of violence since Morsi’s election, it’s now so widespread that it’s making international news.

President of IN Network USA Rody Rodeheaver. “For while it was happening in secret. The world was not aware of it. But, there were many, many Christian churches that were been attacked, burned, pastors beaten.”

While Rodeheaver says this isn’t a new thing, “But, it is an acceleration of anger and attacks against churches.”

According to reports more than 40 churches were destroyed in attacks by Muslim Brotherhood and other extremists, 26 others damaged severely.

Rodeheaver is hoping for something positive as the news becomes more widespread. “When truth comes out there can be hope for these pastors, these churches. It’s very difficult when you feel no one knows and no one cares.” He says this could cause international pressure on both the Muslim Brotherhood and Egyptian leaders to end these attacks.

While the violence has been horrible there is some good news. “Muslim neighbors of these churches have been taking these dear Christians in and have actually gone out and protected some of these churches.

IN Network was hosting summer activities when the most recent attacks took place, but each person is safe. “Although many of them have had to flee and are living with either Muslim friends who have taken them in to protect them, or they have gone to another pastor close by.”

However, Rodeheaver says the violence makes ministry plans tentative. “You’re not quite sure whether you should plan. You’re not quite sure if you should do ‘this’ event. You’re never completely relaxed about direction your heading because you have so little control over the environment.”

Christians are living life one day at a time. “They all are faced with the reality that there could be a knock on the door and their life could be gone in an instant.”

In the meantime, IN Network is doing what they can to do their work. Their street children ministry, leadership training with students and pastors, especially in Egypt’s south, which was the hardest hit areas.

Rodeheaver says IN Network is raising money to help because pastors are desperate. “When these churches are burned, the pastor and his family lives in an apartment either in or above the church building, so when a church building burns their home is gone. Secondly, if you’re not able to have service you can’t take offerings.” Which means the churches can’t survive.

IN Network could use your help. They’re raising money for their emergency response fund that will help Egyptian Christians and other situations when they arise. Click here to donate.

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