Church evicted from its meeting place

By February 25, 2010

South Asia (GFA/MNN) — Kundan Bose–a pastor supported by Gospel for Asia–and his congregation in South Asia have been evicted from their church

The house church had been meeting in the home of one of the
believers, Victor Pillai. However, following Victor's death last month, two
of his sons who are opposed to Christianity told
the church to leave. They also have been making life more difficult for Victor's
other two surviving sons who know the Lord and are active in Kundan's church

Many others in the village are also opposed to the Gospel and church
activities. In light of that, the growth
of the church congregation is amazing.  

For hundreds of years, the villagers in this
tribal community have worshiped multiple deities. Black magic practices and
witchcraft are established village traditions.

Kundan spent years faithfully sharing the hope of Christ with them. This
whole village is considered by society as untouchable, and Kundan demonstrates
the love of Christ by ministering to their tangible needs.

Pray that this village will be drawn to Christ and become a
great blessing to the neighboring communities. 



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