Church gives last push for translation project

By April 21, 2011

Philippines (MNN) — It can be hard for churches to feel involved in the mission world, but one congregation has jumped right in.

First Baptist Church, Orlando recently announced a new partnership with Wycliffe Bible Translators to complete the Northern Subanen New Testament in the Philippines.

According to Wycliffe affiliate The Seed Company, the 20,000 Subanen North speakers generally have little or no money beyond the basic survival needs of their families. Traditionally, the Northern Subanen practice a form of animism.

Since 1950, several Protestant denominations have established congregations in the area. But without the Gospel in their own language, many people have turned to animistic practices in troubled times.

The Northern Subanen translation has been in the works for the last decade and is now in the final phase. A partnership with Translators Association of the Philippines will help bring the phase to completion.

Final checking is scheduled for this summer, typesetting and printing in the fall, and a celebration of the completed New Testament is planned next February. First Baptist Church will celebrate along with the Subanen community.

Praise God for the dedication of this church to the Great Commission. Only the Lord knows how many people will draw close to Him as a direct result of interaction with His living Word in their own language. Pray that it would be many.

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