Church leader returns to the Lord’s work

By October 19, 2012

India (MNN) — Raju* didn't intend to stay hidden. Even though Hindu radicals attacked this church leader and his family, and forced them to worship idols, Raju wouldn't let this persecution hold him back.

Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Mission India says Raju is back on the streets of a Karnataka village, sharing the hope and love of Jesus Christ.

Do you remember praying for Raju? Earlier this month, a group of 20 Hindu extremists beat Raju and his 12-year-old daughter. Then they dragged Raju and his wife to a nearby temple where they forced the pair to bow down and worship Hindu idols. After the attack, these believers went into hiding and have since been moved to a secret location.

Now, Mission India reports, Raju is back doing the work of the Lord. He returned to the village where he was attacked and shared the Good News with boldness. Raju has forgiven the men who attacked his family, the ministry added.

Pray for the protection of Raju and his family. Keep the village in your prayers, too; pray that many would come to Christ after hearing about Him from Raju.

Mission India's Dave Stravers mentioned earlier this month that persecution is rising in India. Pray not only for Raju, but for believers throughout this nation.

*name changed for security reasons

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