Church leaders in Nicaragua beg for ministry to begin.

By November 6, 2003

Nicaragua (MNN)–Pastors and church leaders in Nicaragua say that there is a crying need for ministry tools.

They are looking to the Bible League for the evangelism, discipleship, church growth, and church planter training for national Christians that they provide.

“We needed this yesterday,” says the president of the largest evangelical denomination in Nicaragua. The Bible League is responding to these pleas by opening ministry in Nicaragua in February.

Nicaraguan church leaders have heard the amazing success stories from other Latin American countries. They want the same opportunity for kingdom success in Nicaragua. The Bible League is now seeking a Nicaraguan believer to lead this new ministry.

Nicaragua is the next step in a long-range vision to take “Project Philip”, the Bible League’s proven model for evangelism and discipleship, to all of Latin America.

To date, the Bible League works in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and Haiti. A ministry to Hispanics living in the United States was launched last year.

At the heart of the Bible League’s strategy is Project Philip, named after the story of Philip and the Ethiopian in Acts 8.

Unlike traditional approaches, Project Philip goes beyond providing Bibles and getting “decisions”. Through Project Philip, Christians invite seekers to study the Bible. By completing a study, a seeker earns his own New Testament or Bible.

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