Church leaders plead for action in the Central African Republic.

By October 14, 2013
(Photo courtesy Open Doors USA)

(Photo courtesy Open Doors USA)

Central African Republic (ODM) — Church leaders in Central African Republic (CAR) issued a joint appeal for urgent action from the international community to prevent “genocidal interfaith civil war” in the troubled nation in the heart of Africa.

Prominent church leaders representing all known denominations in the country issued the appeal on Oct. 6 after a three-day conference in the capital of Bangui hosted by Open Doors on the request of the local church leaders.

Since the government of President Bozize was deposed in a coup by the Seleka coalition of Michel Djotodia in March, the country has been engulfed in lawlessness. “In this situation, Christians are specifically most affected,” the church leaders explained. In the Bangui Declaration the leaders also appealed to the international community and Christians around the world to, among other things, ensure that security is restored and that the millions of people affected by the crisis receive emergency humanitarian relief.

“We are glad we could be here at this time,” commented Open Doors’ Africa Director at the conclusion of the conference that took place amid a tense atmosphere as violence continued across the country and in the capital. “The Church has been deeply affected. Christians are faced with very many challenges and are in dire need of assistance. It is our responsibility to raise as much awareness, prayer and action as possible. This is what we have been called to.”

An immense humanitarian crisis is in the making. It is estimated that at least 4.6 million people’s lives have been disrupted by the violence; 1.6 million have been displaced and hundreds of thousands face food insecurity. While the international community has been slow to offer any assistance, a small force of poorly trained regional peace keepers have proven unable to protect civilians and restore order.

Church leaders expressed deep appreciation for Open Doors efforts and its presence despite the tense atmosphere. The Open Doors team reported from the conference that, “We heard deeply moving testimonies of persecution in the country. People wept. We prayed for them. We had an extraordinary time of prayer.”


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  • KL Angora says:

    Most Holy God bless u, I share a vision of my wife (a diplomat) who was lifted up in heaven on 2nd Jan 2014 stood in front of throne and God spoke to her in loud and furious voice that go on Earth back and tell the people that something Unique will happen on Earth in May 2014 which never happened before. Save the people who wana be saved and leave the rest. She did not share this vision except me to anyone because already many people told this kind of vision but God had mercy and gave more time to the world to be prepared for heaven but this time He was not looking in the mood to give more time and Grace. So I wana share it with no discrimination of caste or religion, white or black, rich or poor, innocent or sinner, king or beggar. It is the Will of Lord Jesus Christ to tell the message of deliverance to everyone not any particular group of people. To the workers of Lord Jesus Christ, I request do it with the speed of racehorse not at the pace of snail or tortoise. Spend much money on big conventions, seminars not only on Sunday but 24×7 encourage each other and try to be philanthropists. Don’t hate anyone but give the message of God to everyone. Any one who read this message, don’t care the people what they do around u but seek the Will of God in ur lives He will tell u what to do. KL Angora

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