Church members tread carefully after Syria closes church doors

By September 6, 2010

Syria (MNN) — The spiritual climate in Syria is a changing one. While Syria's Christian minority is generally respected, conversions
to Christianity from Islam are rare and sometimes met with opposition.

Voice of the
Martyrs reports that evangelizing is legal, but visas are not granted for
missionary work. And while there is freedom to worship, any activity that could
threaten communal harmony is suspect, making it difficult to spread the Gospel.

Despite the challenges, Reach
in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) began in
2008. The team working in the area is focused on holistic
ministry: meeting physical and emotional needs as well as the spiritual needs of
an individual.

They have
been working together with churches, national partners, and collaborating with
like-minded ministry organizations in order to reach the Syrians with the hope
of Christ, and there has been success. A church has been planted.

opposition. This June, the Syrian
government closed the doors of that evangelical church. The group is still hoping to meet for
worship and Bible study, but they are praying for wisdom and discernment on how
to do that and still remain within the law.

for the Syrian government to demonstrate more tolerance for establishing
evangelical churches. Pray that Christians will be able to reach out to the
Muslim population in Syria. Pray that Syrian converts to Christianity will be a
strong witness to their family, friends and neighbors.

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