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By November 26, 2019

USA (MNN) — Did you know e3 Partners connects with churches both in the United States and abroad to help further the Great Commission? Jeff Johnston, with e3, says church partnerships are an opportunity for the ministry to serve and equip churches. Here’s what it looks like.

“A partnership could be as simple as we help your church take mission trips to a particular part of the world that you have a passion or a heart for it could be we train your congregation on how to share the Gospel effectively and confidently and how to make disciples. Or it could be a combination of those things, or it could be we help your church with local evangelism,” Johnston explains.

Need for Training

But Johnston notes there is a lack of evangelism in the U.S. He has heard numbers as drastically low as 10 percent for the number of churchgoers who have shared the Gospel this year. In 2018, a Barna study revealed 51 percent of people attending churches are unaware of the Great Commission. E3 is changing these statistics through church partnerships.

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e3 helps churches share Christ in their communities. The organization also helps churches embrace long-term missions work, too.

e3 church partnerships are available to churches in the U.S. and abroad. While most requests for partnerships come from U.S. churches, Johnston says e3’s training is universal and can be applied in various church contexts. It is all Biblically based and follows the patterns Jesus laid out for his disciples.

“What we tell churches and what we’re really all about is just trying to come alongside the church and serve with them in any way that they see fit,” Johnston says.

“If your church is passionate about Ukraine, then we can help facilitate trips there. We can help send some people long-term there. Whatever it may be. If your church is just really passionate about reaching people in your own community, we can help with that, too.”

Reaching Out With the Gospel

church partnerships

(Photo courtesy of e3 Partners)

Sometimes a person’s first step to knowing Christ is not attending church, but hearing the Gospel at a coffee shop or in a park. It is an opportunity to ask questions and study scripture on a one-on-one basis.

“We need to meet people where they are, and so what I think these church partnerships do is help congregations, help our churches really embrace that and do that and go from inviting people and instead go to those people and seek those people out,” Johnston says.

Are you interested in a church partnership? Then explore what e3 has to offer here!

“There’s a form on that page that you can fill out and that form goes directly to our team that will then reach out to you and figure out the best way that we can come alongside you or your church and just help you accomplish your mission, your goals, your vision,” Johnston says.

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