Church planter too successful in India.

By September 23, 2013
(Photo courtesy Gospel For Asia)

(Photo courtesy Gospel For Asia)

India (GFA) — Since Pastor Uddhar (a Gospel For Asia – supported church leader) began working in a village in 2011, many low-caste people have embraced the love of Christ. Fearful that the entire village will turn to the Lord, other villagers have begun threatening the believers.

Ten days ago, a group of villagers heard about a prayer meeting being held by seven Christian families. The group found the house where the families were meeting and threw rocks at it. No one was hurt in the incident but the threats increased.

The villagers warned the believers that they would not be allowed to collect water from the village, buy groceries from the village shop or even cross the public road easily.

Most recently, the village head began heavily pressuring believers to bow down to images and return to the community’s dominant religion. However, the believers said it was not possible and refused to bow down before any idol or temple.

Local religious youths have now been divided into small teams to monitor the activities of Pastor Uddhar and the believers.

Please pray for:
• Protection and steadfast faith for the believers.
• Wisdom for Pastor Uddhar as he deals with this situation.
• The villagers to turn their hearts to Jesus.
• Pastor Uddhar as he works to construct a church building in this area, that he will be successful and face no further opposition.


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