Church planter uses unconventional methods to share the Gospel

By November 26, 2008

Indonesia (MNN) — To teach nonbelievers about Jesus, one
Partners International associate used bananas as an analogy for what it takes
to become a Christian.

The associate, a church planter from the Sundanese Christian Fellowship, was mentoring a young intern when they
encountered local fishermen along their path.

After beginning a conversation
with the men, the Sundanese church planter had an opportunity to share the
Gospel. He began by sharing the story of Adam and Eve and then explained the
need for salvation. He told the fishermen that forgiveness of sins and redemption
was possible through Jesus Christ, and challenged the men to question the sin
in their lives.

The church planter then took some bananas that he was carrying
and asked the men if they would like one. "In a similar manner," said the church planter, "it's not enough to just believe in Jesus; you also need to
personally receive Him into your life." He explained about accepting God's grace and forgiveness as we would accept a banana.

After hearing this truth, two of the men believed and were saved. God used tangible and related
subject matter to help them understand the Gospel.

Partners trains and sends church planters like this man to unreached
people groups. If you'd like to help believers reach out to those who don't
have the Gospel, click here.

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