Church-planters bring light to India, persecution ‘fuels’ their zeal

By April 15, 2010

India (MNN) — With one-third of unreached and unengaged people groups, according to the Joshua Project, India is in dire need of the hope of the Gospel.

Or as David Rice of the India Gospel League puts it, "India represents right now the greatest concentration of lostness on the planet."

IGL has been ministering in the country for nearly 150. Recently, they have developed a strategy to reach these people faster than ever.

"Our goal over the next two years is to raise up over 1000 church planters that will go into those unreached, unengaged areas and bring the light of the Gospel against the darkness," Rice said. The goal is to see at least two million people come to Christ.

Each church-planter receives $100 per month for expenses. However, IGL cannot fund this all on its own and needs your help.

Rice said, "I'm actually looking for 100 North American churches that will sponsor ten pastors. That's an investment of $12,000 a year."

With the great amount of persecution against Christian taking place in India, the church-planters being trained by IGL are aware of the risk. However, they see it as part of the journey.

"It seems to fuel the church," Rice said, speaking of persecution. "[It] seems to make their zeal all the more fervent."

So far, IGL has about 100 North American churches already sponsoring church-planters, which means many are hearing about Christ, but an even greater number are still waiting for their chance. Another advantage to supporting this effort is seeing your money maximized due to the exchange rate from the American dollar to the currency of India.

Visit if your church is interested in helping out. Or call (800) 352-4451.

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