Church-planting ministry in Turkey sees both growth and challenge

By February 14, 2011

Turkey (MNN) — Jim Bultema with The
Evangelical Alliance Mission
has seen growth in the church plant he's been working
with in Antalya, Turkey. 

After three years of gathering in local hotels, the International Church
needed a home of its own.

Attempts to either build or rent a sanctuary were
thwarted. Then Bultema led the congregation in founding
the St. Paul Cultural Center, a multi-purpose community center that was
established "for the good of Antalya and the glory of God."

Not only does the center serve the community at large in a
variety of beneficial ways, but it also houses the now-called St. Paul Union
Church and the Turkish Bible Church as well. James directs the St. Paul Cultural Center and
leads tours of Turkey's biblical sites.

But the St. Paul Cultural center is now having some
problems with a roofing contractor and unfinished construction. Several months ago, he shared, "May your
prayers focus on a positive outcome from the meeting I had with the mayor about
this complex of problems, for construction on SPCC to be allowed to resume
ASAP, for a not-too-distant reopening of SPCC and for a new level of ministry
that far exceeds our highest hopes."

While he still asks for prayer for the completion of the
expansion project, the attainment of the architect's signatures and rights, and
the ongoing need for donations, he also praises God for the opportunity for
sharing the Gospel that he would not have had if this situation hadn't

Pray for the continued ability of the St. Paul Cultural
Center in Antalya, Turkey to shine the Light of Life and for the Turkish Body
of Christ that has formed as a community and family around this place.

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  • My deep desire is that the Lord may enable me to plant a Biblcal church in this small town of Turkey to proclaim Gospel and preach the true living word of the living God. Any suggestions, any help most gratefully appreciate it.

    With all brotherly love in Christ Jesus our Savor.

    Kourosh Saddighzadeh.

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