Church-planting movement lays the groundwork for growth in Chad

By February 21, 2012

Chad (PNS/MNN) —
The church's presence in Chad is small, but growing. According to the Joshua Project, out of the
known 141 people groups in the country, 71 of them remain unengaged and unreached
with the Gospel.

PIONEERS wants to change those numbers. A Pioneers team is starting a church-planting
movement among an unreached people group with a population of 200,000 and no
known believers.

Through medical
care and clean water, this team is building relationships and using
chronological Bible studies to introduce spiritually-hungry Chadians to the
good news.

PIONEERS is partnering with local African missions movements to see new workers equipped to
reach the unreached in Chad and across the continent. One African mission
leader told the ministry that the Church Planting Movement (CPM) Training
Initiative offered all "the practical information they need to actually do
church planting."  

One way to look at the work done by these teams is to think of
them reproducing the book of Acts in a new culture: win people to Christ, gather them together as His Body in that locale, and
develop them into a functioning community.  The idea
is to leave them both with indigenous leaders and a vision for spreading the Gospel
and reproducing daughter churches.

If the church planter works according to the agenda of "model,
equip, watch, and leave," he or she will build the DNA of reproduction in the
disciples that will lead to churches that reproduce.

The only thing
holding them back is funding. However, there's
a limited-time matching gift opportunity, where gifts aimed at the CPMs will be
doubled. This means that a gift of $50 could become $100, or a gift of $100
would become $200.  Our Featured Links
Section has the details.


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