Church told to remove cross and nameplate

By August 5, 2010

Asia (MNN) — A Gospel for Asia-supported missionary has
been instructed by local authorities to remove the cross and nameplate from his
building. Otherwise, they will remove the items themselves.

On July 23, Pastor Kian Mettur was summoned to the police
station and told to remove the cross and nameplate after anti-Christian
extremists filed a complaint.

The police informed him the items need to be removed because
villagers are seeing them and turning their lives over to Christ.

For the past two years, Pastor Kian has led the 40 member
church, and he recently concluded leading a training session in a nearby town.

Kian refuses to remove the cross or the church name and has
continued with regular worship services each weekend.

If authorities do come, pray for the safety of Kian, his
family and congregation. Pray the cross, nameplate or church will not be
destroyed. Also, pray for the boldness of the Christians in this area and for
them to continue to share the message of Christ, despite opposition.

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