Churches share Passion of the Persecuted

By July 6, 2004

USA (MNN/BL) — Churches and other groups across the United States and Canada can support persecuted Christians by using the “Passion of the Persecuted” program. It’s a program that’s being offered by the Bible League this fall. The program can be utilized as part of the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church on November 14, integrated into the church’s existing missions program, or promoted for small group and family study.

This free program includes a powerful, educational video and devotional, plus a youth page with ideas for involving teens in the persecution awareness campaign. Special Bible banks for families accompany the materials to be used for offerings to the Persecuted Church. All proceeds will be used by the Bible League to provide Bibles to those living in areas of persecution, with the hope of seeing more people turn to Christ in these hard to reach areas of the world.

“Thanks for helping us plant the seed for the suffering church,” said Bill Horvath of Campbell Memorial Presbyterian Church, a past Bible League persecuted program user. “Your program gave us the opportunity to pray, plus give.”

The title of the program eludes to the persistence that suffering Christians exude in spite of harsh consequences. Persecuted Christians continue to celebrate their love of Christ and share their faith, knowing that doing so could mean their arrest, isolation from society, torture, or even death.

The Bible League defines persecuted Christians as those who suffer because of their faith in Jesus Christ. That suffering happens most often in areas where Christians have no access to Scriptures. They’re outwardly persecuted, and inwardly cut off from what they consider the most important source of hope and encouragement, God’s Word.

“The Passion of the Persecuted” materials will be available starting September 1. For more information, call the Bible League at 1-866-825-4636.

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