Cities, orphanages, hospitals, schools suffer, prepare for rebuilding

By February 1, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — World Hope International has 60 homeless staff in Haiti. Many of the ministry's orphanages, hospitals and schools suffered damage from the January 12 earthquake as well. But still, their greatest priority remains delivering hope to the Haitian people.

World Hope's Karl Eastlack recently returned to the U.S. after spending almost a week in Haiti. After checking in with staff members, they began to check on their various ministry hubs throughout the country. It didn't take long to find that, although the need was great in capital city Port-au-Prince, surrounding regions were being neglected.

"A lot of the efforts that many people have been doing are in Port-au-Prince," explains Eastlack. "World Hope International tends to go out into the other cities and do work. We found when we got out there that it was just devastation. In Jacmel, Léogâne, and some of these other places where we have orphanages,  hospitals and schools, we've just found devastation upon devastation."

WHI is responding with immediate aid in ten sites, three in the city of Port-au-Prince, but seven in other regions of the country. "We're doing our initial round of food and water and medicine and shelter," says Eastlack. "Through the end of February, that's our primary emphasis."

Through distribution at all ten sites, World Hope should be able to help about 65,000 people a day, maybe even as many as 200,000. As WHI distributes food and other necessities, they are also becoming virtual "hope dispensers," says Eastlack, as they share the love of Christ with the victims of this disaster.

By April, WHI hopes to be focusing in on the rebuilding process for its damaged orphanages, churches and hospitals. Community response teams, made up of one or two pastors, one or two medical professionals and a few other general helpers, will be working in Haiti for this phase. Other teams will be present from May through the end of the summer to bring relief to Haitian children.

"Most of the schools are down. So the children are just wandering the streets all day long with nothing to do," says Eastlack. "We're going to be sending down our children and youth focus teams for day camps, sports camps and youth camps."

WHI has already been met with great kindness by various organizations and companies who desire to help them. They are, however, looking for volunteers to join the teams that will be sent to Haiti in coming months. To learn more, click here.

Pray that WHI would continue to gain the support they need to reach everyone within their ability in Haiti. For more updates about World Hope's work in Haiti, click here.


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