City with no medical care finally to be reached

By March 18, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — The Haitian government has reported that 600,000 Haitians have moved into the countryside since the January 12 earthquake. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, it appears that government aid has been directed mainly to Port-au-Prince, not to rural areas. In the meantime, refugees who have fled to rural villages along with those who were already living in these villages barely survive in their poverty.

AMG International is working in northeast Haiti to provide medical care, food and other necessities for the often-forgotten there.

One small village, Camp Coq, has not seen any medical care since the quake hit. AMG's Roger Thomas says AMG is moving their medical team to Camp Coq this week to help alleviate some of the needs of the people there along with the 70+ families that have taken refuge there.

"There is no medical care in Camp Coq," says Thomas. "There is medical care in [the city of] Limbé if they have the means to get there and the means to pay for it once they get there. But our clinics don't work that way. If they can pay, we expect them to pay what they can. If they can't, they get treated nonetheless. That's unique–we're the only ones down there doing that, that I'm aware of, in northeast Haiti."

AMG will provide food and other amenities to the people of Camp Coq along with medical care. Thomas says as they work, they will also take the opportunity to share the message of Jesus Christ.

"This is a great opportunity not only to provide for their needs, distribute food, and provide medical care, but also to share the Gospel with them."

AMG is preparing to send in a 40-foot container of food, basic health kits, diapers and other necessities. The container will be shipped this week, but Thomas says it's hard to know when it will actually arrive in Haiti. In the meantime, a pastor affiliated with AMG continues to buy food in Cap Haitian for the victims in Camp Coq.

Because food prices are extremely high in Haiti, Thomas says that for those wishing to help, "Money is the big thing." If you would like to learn more or donate to the work of AMG International in the relatively unreached areas of northeast Haiti, click here. In the meantime, pray for the medical team in Camp Coq and for the people living there.

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